Working With Beads and Crystals

When you are working with beads and crystals keep an eye on your costs. If you are working on a long necklace for example, the cost of the materials can quickly become expensive. The solution is to work some cheaper beads and spacers into your design rather than trying to make the necklace shorter. Also remember that you can use slightly lower quality beads towards the back of the necklace where it will be hidden by the hair but don’t damage the overall design by buying too low quality. It can be cheaper to buy old strings of beads and restring them into new designs than buying individual stones.

Don’t be tempted to get too artistic with your first creations. When you are learning your craft it is much easier to stick with patterns and working with similar materials. It can be easier to design a sapphire necklace than one combining sapphires and other stones. When you have gained a little confidence not to mention a supply of odds and ends in your beading box, you can become more artistic. You will save a lot of time if you plan out the design you intend to make in advance. It is often only by looking how something will look in reality rather than in your imagination that you can see potential flaws.

Do shop around when buying beads and Bergkristalle. Find a few suppliers that you like to work with and check out their prices on whatever you intend to buy. Take advantage of sales and seasonal discounts too but don’t go overboard. You don’t need a whole cabinet full of unused materials. Some people doing bead work tend to always work with the same types of beads but you should try experimenting. If you always work with glass or gemstones why not try working with natural stone or mother of pearl in your next creation. You are the one in control over which beads and crystals you use in your own designs.


Crystal – Gemstone Therapy

Through my own theorising I have come to understand the way crystals can bring about healing. All living (and โ€˜non-livingโ€™) things vibrate to certain frequencies. Weโ€™re taught at school that atoms are in constant motion, so this idea is not alien to us. Crystals have a pure energy due to their regulatory lattice structure. When the vibrations of these crystals come into contact with our own vibration, they will affect our vibration in much the same way as we experience sound waves. When an individual is out of balance, the crystals pure vibrations will change our own vibration, and bring the imbalance closer to harmony.

These ideas rest on the assumption that the world is made of differing frequencies of energy. The physical world is made from very dense frequencies which is why we can see them. Other energies such as microwaves, radio-waves, sound-waves and radiation are frequencies of energy that are less dense and so we cannot ordinarily see them. Around physical objects there is a frequency of energy that we do not ordinarily see, scientifically known as the electromagnetic energy field, or aura. It is in these layers of energy around animal and human bodies that are thought by many, for thousands of years, to contain emotions, thoughts and our connection with the universe. Scientific research is now finding ways to show this to be true.

In a crystal treatment, crystals are placed around, on and over the client. The treatment may be seated or lying down; the removal of clothing is unnecessary. There are many different treatments that can be used for specific illness and ailments, and a practitioner may adapt these to tailor for the needs of the individual.

Specific treatments that I have been taught through the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy help with symptoms such as; the common cold, migraines, lethargy, depression, blood sugar disorders such as diabetes, high/low blood pressure, kidney and urinary conditions, reproductive issues including fertility conditions and menstrual imbalances, ear and sinus problems and general detoxification and cleansing of the body system. I have personally found crystal therapy to be very powerful in my emotional and spiritual development.


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