How To Get Started Uploading Music To Your iPod Nano

Congratulations on your new iPod nano! In a few minutes we’ll have you uploading music to your iPod nano and ready to roll. Are you more interested in playing videos, games or audiobooks than music tracks? This article is still for you. Once you know how to upload music to your nano you know how to upload all the other goodies too.

Step 1: Load the music onto your computer

Most of us begin by loading up the CDs we’ve collected over the years, so let’s start there. Copy the files from your CDs onto your computer’s hard disk so it’ll be available to your iPod manager. Note: If you use iTunes and have “Copy files to iTunes music folder” selected, you can skip copying the files to the PC — just having the CD in your computer’s CD drive will be enough.

Step 2: Import the music into iTunes (or the iPod manager of your choice)

iTunes is the default “iPod manager” that handles moving files to and from the iPod. There are other choices if you decide you don’t like iTunes, but if you’re new to iPods iTunes is a good place to start.

Quick tip: If you want iTunes to put a copy of the file in the main iTunes library directory, choose Edit, Preferences, Advanced from the menu and click the “Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library.” I like to do this to make it easy to find my music files. I know that music files anywhere else on my hard drive aren’t part of the iTunes library and can safely be deleted.

Wherever you got your music from, once it’s on your computer you can import it into iTunes. One way to iimport is by choosing (from the top menu) File, Add Folder to Library, and find the folder holding your music. Click “OK” and iTunes will now show the music in the Library music list. Another way is to use the Control & O keys. Navigate to the files’ location and click on the files you want to add.

Step 3: Connect your iPod nano

Get your USB cable (came with your iPod) out and connect the computer and iPod. The left-hand menu should show your iPod when it’s successfully connected.

Step 4: Now to upload music to that iPod nano

How you upload the music depends on whether you’re letting iTunes manage your iPod or have elected to “manually manage” your iPod. I prefer the “manually manage” approach because it lets me to pick and choose which files to move to my nano. It also allows me to pull files from multiple computers to the one iPod.

If you decided to let iTunes manage the uploads you’re ready to start. Just click your iPod’s icon and select Nigeria Music Upload Website “Sync” in the lower right corner. You’re done! Play with that a few times. Try making playlists to group your music, go to iStore to download a couple free podcasts, and go enjoy!

Will you manage uploads manually? You’ll need to do a quick, one-time setup. In iTunes, click the nano’s icon and select “Manually manage music and videos” on the iTunes screen. Now you just select the music you want and drag it onto the iPod icon. Voila! The music uploads.

Step 5: Eject your iPod safely

Always, tell iTunes to eject the iPod by clicking the eject button on the lower-right corner of the iTunes screen. THEN you can safely disconnect from the computer.

Step 6: Go find more music

Now that you have the hang of it, it’s time to go find more music, podcasts, games and videos for your iPod nano. I get my podcasts via iTunes, which has a terrific list. Music, games and videos, on the other hand, can be found in a lot of other stores for very reasonable prices. See my web site for suggestions.



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