Employment Laws and Very Small Businesses Such as Mobile Services Considered

Whether or not you are for ObamaCare, this new health care law will affect employment in very small businesses. Let me explain. You see, before retirement I ran a franchising company which franchised mobile carwash trucks. Normally, a worker or helper for the day would make about $60, and with all the employment rules, and withholding it became quite stressful because it was a transient job.

In other words people would work for a few weeks, discover it was hard work, and then quit, and go do something else or perhaps, get hired from one of the customers whose cars we washed in one of the business districts we went to each week. Then the process would start all over again, hiring a new person, running a background check, and then signing them up as a full-time employee once the casual labor law period was over, back then it was $600, which would roughly equate to 10 days.

Now with the new ObamaCare rules many of the Car detailing services smaller companies such as mobile carwashes, and other mobile service businesses may not hire additional workers because they would be mandated and required by law to provide healthcare insurance, and the paperwork is too much trouble, and the people probably won’t be working there that long anyway. Unfortunately small companies won’t be able to get a waiver, as many large corporations have already. I think the list is now at about 150 companies which have received waivers.

When it comes to employment law, I am somewhat concerned that we’re stacking the deck against small service companies, which do indeed hirer quite a bit of our nation’s workforce (one or two workers at a time), especially at the lower levels, meaning those folks may not have an opportunity to work. And that’s not very good when it comes to poverty in America, or minority employment for that matter. What I’m saying is our new employment laws which will go along with ObamaCare may be defeating the purpose, and causing more people to be unemployed, thus curtailing our economic recovery due to high unemployment.

It’s not that mandatory employer health care isn’t one way to see that everyone has some form of healthcare, it’s that it’s hard to have both low unemployment, and so many mandatory regulations and more rules governing employment. It’s too bad that the government moved in this direction, but that is the law, and we will see how all this works in the end, but it doesn’t look so good so far. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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